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The Rewards Catalog

Free Gift Cards and Cash

ZoomBucks has the largest catalog of free gift cards and free cash rewards for you to choose from.

Start the journey to your favorite gift cards by signing up, completing your demographics information, and getting matched with paid surveys. Once you’ve collected at least $5 in points, you can redeem Amazon gift cards, VISA gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Lowes Gift Cards, Walmart.com gift cards, Costco Gift Cards, and much more – there is something for everybody!

Earning rewards with ZoomBucks is easy. Each activity – whether you do paid online surveys or watch videos for money – will show you how many points you will earn before starting. Before starting the survey, offer, or video, read the requirements carefully to ensure the highest chance of receiving points after completing the activity. Accumulate points and once you reach the minimum number of points, you can redeem $5 Paypal cash or other gift card codes. Keep in mind, you can also save your points and redeem a $200 gift card – the choice is yours! After redeeming your reward, you will receive a code or confirmation email confirming that the reward has been sent and depending on the reward, further instructions may also be included in your email. All rewards are swiftly delivered to your email within 48 hours of redeeming. Our most loyal members are currently earning $500+ a month by simply completing surveys, so skies the limit!

Don’t forget – we also have in-game currency reward options such as Microsoft rewards, Roblox Gift cards, Steam Gift Cards, Free VBucks, and much more. The reward options are endless!

Last but not least, don’t forget to watch our for free generator websites and code scams. These suspicious-looking sites will ask for your email and other personal information promising you free rewards and codes, but don’t be fooled! These are likely scams and it’s best to check reviews from a trusted source such as TrustPilot. ZoomBucks is highly rated by our users – currently holding a rating of 4.7 / 5 stars!