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Now’s Your Chance To Get a Free eBay Gift Card Code From ZoomBucks!

Learn how to convert your ZoomBucks points into an eBay gift card code

Got your sights set on an item you want to get at eBay and want a leg up on the bidding? ZoomBucks gives you the legit chance to get great discounts and awesome stuff you like using an eBay gift card code! All you have to do is accomplish some easy and doable tasks at ZoomBucks, and you’re all set to shop until you drop!

How ZoomBucks Works

It’s pretty easy and straightforward. First, go to zoombucks.com and register for free. Once you’ve logged in, you can enter your invite code to get 500 FREE points! Then - you’re ready to earn!

Upon signing up, you’ll see “Next Steps” on top of your dashboard. In this section, you can complete your profile to determine your demographic. Make sure to fill out all the fields as honestly and as accurately as you can. Doing this will ensure that you get notifications on offers, rewards, and surveys right away. There is also a link to guides showing you how to earn faster and more efficiently.

There are three ways to earn on ZoomBucks. You can choose to complete offers, complete paid surveys, or watch videos.   
When you have completed tasks, and as soon as you have accumulated 10,000 points, head on over to the ZoomBucks Rewards Store and select eBay as your reward. It’s really that simple!

How to Redeem Your eBay Gift Card Code

You can expect your free eBay gift card code to be emailed to you within 48 business hours. Once you receive it, log in to your eBay account, then shop, bid, or make purchases as you normally would at eBay. When you’re decided on a purchase, click on the Pay Now button to buy the item. You will be promoted to key in your unique code from ZoomBucks. Click Continue, which will prompt you to log in to your PayPal account. Log in to PayPal, check your payment details carefully, then click first on the Confirm, and then the Pay buttons. You can now enjoy your new eBay purchase!

About eBay

As a leading online shopping and auction platform for hundreds of goods and services, eBay currently has an estimated revenue of over 9 and a half billion US dollars. It was founded in 1995 in California, and now operates in around 30 countries. eBay is known as one of the most successful stories of the dot-com boom. Its founder Pierre Omidyar first started the site as a hobby. He soon found himself overseeing a multinational e-commerce business that would receive millions of dollars from venture capitalists, and eventually make him and his partner billionaires after they went public. eBay has become a favorite mecca for toy collectors and sellers, and would go on to conquer a wider collectibles base that include everything from antiques, clothing, jewelry, cars, and memorabilia.