How to Earn on ZoomBucks BY WATCHING VIDEOS

Earnings as Far as the Eye Can See

Advertisers want eyes on their ads. Instead of paying for airtime on TV, they work with sites like ZoomBucks for guaranteed exposure to members such as yourself. Whenever you finish watching a video, you get paid - it’s that simple!

Let's Get Started

Sign up and complete your profile

When you sign up, you’ll have to provide basic info, such as name and email address. If you also want to take surveys on ZoomBucks, you will have to provide demographic info such your age, occupation, and income bracket – but this info isn’t needed if you only want to watch videos.


Find a channel that interests you

Our channels cover a wide range of interests, from sports to entertainment to lifestyle. The channels you can watch are determined by your location.


Start watching!

Remember, you’ll have to watch the entire video to earn from it.

Some offers have specific viewing requirements. For example, some offers will require you to watch three videos to earn, while others only require you to watch a single video.


Accumulate points

After you finish watching a video, points will be credited to your account.


Keep watching for more earnings

You can always switch between channels to find a video you’d like to watch.


Redeem your points as cash or gift cards

Once you’ve collected at least 3,000 points, you can claim your reward! Rewards can be claimed as cash or gift cards. You will receive your reward in your email inbox within 48 hours