How To Earn By Completing Offers

June 5, 2020

You can earn on ZoomBucks by taking and completing offers! We have partnered with trustworthy companies and brands that need people to try their products and services. The best way to get potential customers is via free trial offers, with the hopes of having satisfied users go on to get paid subscriptions. To further incentivize users, ZoomBucks gives members the chance to earn points and get rewards for completing these offers.

Step-By-Step Guide

To get rewarded for completing offers, you will need to follow these steps carefully. Complete Your Profile On ZoomBucks

Step 1 - Register and Complete Your Profile

First, sign up with your valid email address or by clicking a social media button. If you are also going to take surveys along with offers, you will have to provide additional demographic details, as well. However, this is not a strict requirement for completing offers on ZoomBucks.

Step 2 - Find An Offer That You Like

ZoomBucks will give you a couple of options to get paid by taking on offers. You can choose from the following actions:
1. Paid Trial Offers
As the term implies, you are required to pay a minimal fee for the duration of the trial period. When it is over, you will be billed on your credit card as a regular subscriber. However, you can choose to cancel to avoid getting billed.
2. Non-Paid Trial Offers
In contrast to paid trial offers, this option is free for the entire trial period. However, you could also get billed once the trial ends (but you can always cancel to avoid that, too).
3. Visiting Websites
Start earning points just by visiting websites! This task could require additional actions, though, such as validating your email address or completing a survey.
4. Trying Out Apps
Just by installing an app on your phone, you can start earning points! However, you might be required to keep it on your phone for a certain period - or if it’s a game, you must reach certain levels first before you can get points.
5. Using Cashback Offers
With this option, you can earn points by simply buying products from our partner sites or shops.

Step 3 - Start Earning Points

You can start earning points and getting them credited to your account as soon as you complete offers. Again, take special note of those activities requiring additional activities before you can collect points, such as proof of purchase for cashbacks or reaching certain levels in a game.

Step 4 - Take On Multiple Offers to Earn More

This step is quite simple and satisfying - the more you take on, the higher your chance of earning! As long as you qualify for these offers, there’s no stopping you from accumulating points. ZoomBucks Gift Cards And Cash

Step 5 - Request for a Payout

As soon as you reach 5000 points, you can start redeeming them for your chosen rewards. You can opt for cash or gift cards - and expect it to be in your inbox within 48 hours. ...And That’s It! Now that you know the process, you can start earning as often as you want. For additional information not mentioned here, feel free to contact us.

Additional Tips:

- Keep checking the live feed on the members’ dashboard. This will give you a good idea of what's currently popular and which offers are being completed by users around the world. - Follow the leader! Check out the leaderboards on the members’ home page and click on user profiles to understand how our top users are earning. Look for offers within their history.

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