How To Earn By Answering Surveys

June 2020 By admin

ZoomBucks allows you to earn cash or your favorite GC rewards just by answering surveys!

We work only with trusted brands that need engagement and useful market insight. For the kind of valuable customer information that they need, these brands are willing to pay survey-takers high payout rates. In turn, ZoomBucks recruits members like you to answer survey questions on these companies’ behalf and earn from them.


Step-By-Step Guide

To get rewarded for completing surveys, you will need to follow these steps carefully.

ZoomBucks Surveys Offer Wall

Step 1 – Choose the Service Provider

ZoomBucks will give you a couple of options to get paid by sharing your opinions. You can choose between the following:

1. Survey Walls

This option includes options like TapResearch and TheoremReach. If you’re accessing these survey walls for the first time, you will need to complete your profile. After completing the profiler once, simply click the survey wall to see surveys matched to your profile. New surveys are available often!

2. Survey Routers

This option comes from sites that act as third-party portals. Examples include YourSurveys where you can complete unlimited times daily, and five times daily with Dynata. Once you complete a few demographic questions, the site will route you to a survey that matches your demographics. All completions pay the same amount (regardless of the length of the survey). Some surveys may take 5 minutes, while others will take 20-30 minutes.


Step 2 – Register and Provide Information

This process should be as accurate as possible but is a brief one. To sign up as a ZoomBucks member, you will only need to provide your email address. Once you’re logged in, select a survey provider. You may be asked to provide demographic info like your age, job, gender, and other pertinent details once you go to the router or survey wall.


Step 3 – Match with Surveys

Based on the information you provided, the next step is to match you with existing surveys. You can look up your matched surveys on the survey wall, which will be curated depending on the demographics you’ve shared. If you’re in a survey router, you will be routed to a survey based on your demographic information.


Step 4 – Answer the Surveys

You can now begin to answer surveys that interest you! In order to earn points, you will need to complete the survey first. However, some surveys allow you to earn some points even in cases of disqualification or partial completion, such as TapResearch and TheoremReach.


Step 5 – Start Earning Points

You can start earning points and getting them credited to your account as soon as you complete surveys. Again, take special note of those surveys that allow you to earn even when you get disqualified or unable to complete them.


Step 6 – Keep Answering to Earn More

Repeat the process if you want to earn more. Some survey routers allow users to answer unlimited surveys for higher earnings at a speedier rate.

ZoomBucks Surveys Offer Wall

Step 7 – Request for a Payout

When you’ve earned at least 5000 points, you can now request for a payout. Choose between cash (sent via PayPal) or your favorite gift cards in the menu, and expect to receive your reward within 48 hours.

…And That’s It!

Now that you know the process, you can start earning as often as you want. For additional information not mentioned here, feel free to contact us.


Additional Tips:

– Keep checking the live feed on the members’ dashboard. This will give you a good idea of what’s currently popular and which surveys are being completed by users around the world.

– Follow the leader! Check out the leaderboards on the members’ home page and click on user profiles to understand how our top users are earning. Look for surveys within their history.