25 Things To Sell For Fast Cash

August 2, 2020

When it comes to having an extra source of income, selling things tops the list for being practical, speedy, and easy to do. It’s what most people turn to in case of emergencies where financial resources in any form are welcome and much needed. Small wonder there are now hundreds of thousands of platforms that encourage people to sell things and get paid quickly. Brick-and-mortar shops are no longer the only places to let go of goods as consigned items. The same goes true for hiring agencies to promote one’s skills and services. These days, it’s really all about transacting online. Not only has COVID-19 leveled the playing field as far as selling things and services for fast cash is concerned. It’s looking to become the new normal for people who want to protect their health, as well as their loved ones’ - while ensuring that they continue to earn money. But which things can be sold fast for money? Read on to discover twenty-five of the most tried-and-tested, doable activities we recommend. Rent What You Have

Rent What You Have

Though strictly not under the selling umbrella, renting or leasing stuff nevertheless ranks high when it comes to addressing an immediate need (without too much of a starting capital or investment). This means taking stock of what you already have or own and leasing them to potential clients. It’s important to ensure that anything you will lease is in good working order and condition, and won’t present a safety or health hazard to those renting it. Please take note that with specific situations like COVID-19 or similar, most (if not all) of these listed below might have to be strictly sanitized in accordance with community guidelines, or require a special permit in your location prior to being leased.

1. Extra room

With the advent of the sharing economy, people have been looking into spaces they already own which they can rent to others who need them more. This includes bed spades and rooms, which are especially popular in highly urbanized areas where students and young urban professionals need somewhere to crash in-between classes or work. Before you embark on this particular money-making activity, however, you will need certain skills and prerequisites for the venture to be successful. Signing up to platforms like Airbnb is a start, as well as making sure that you regularly sanitize and keep the area well maintained - all while being friendly, service-oriented, and firm about rules and regulations.

2. Garage

Thanks to sites like CurbFlip and others like it, it is now possible to make money by renting your garage space or driveway to those car owners who don’t know where to park. It’s a lot less intrusive than renting out your entire house or even a room because you won’t have to interact as much with the lessee. Plus the contract could have the kind of flexible timeline you would be most comfortable with!

3. Parking space

Similar to renting a garage, leasing your parking space to someone else means less intrusion (and more social distance!) between you and the person you’re renting your space to. With sites like Spacer, it’s easier for you to list your parking space in major cities for potential lessees to find. This could also become a reliable passive income for you in the long run.

4. Car

If you don’t use your car often, why not rent it out to offset payment (and maintenance) costs? Turo is a convenient app you can use to offer clients an alternative to expensive car rentals. Car owners are protected by exhaustive terms of agreements, and there are insurance options, to boot. If you are iffy about renting out your entire car, you can opt to rent its interior space instead. How to do this? Sites like Carvertise allows you to make money by allowing geo-tagged advertisement of clients’ products and services via your car. You can drive around your town or city while bearing the business’s sticker ad on your car’s doors, trunk, roof, hood, etc., and earn money for the exposure you give them. Your Old Or Used and Unused Stuff

Your Old Or Used/Unused Stuff

Decluttering certainly has its perks, especially when you finally have the time for it. If you just look around, you will definitely find plenty of stuff to flip for cash - so long as they are in good condition and can still be used by others. It’s a good thing that there are numerous platforms for selling gently used stuff such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and others. You will only need to pick the ones that will give the best mileage for your merch.

5. Tools

Got tools you don’t use or need anymore? These can be anything from kitchen tools to power tools - to just about anything in-between which others can find handy. So if you find yourself with plenty of stuff in your toolbox, kitchen, studio, workshop, or garage which you no longer have use for, sign up with any reputable online marketplace (like eBay), read their terms of use, take clear photos of what you are selling, and upload them under the proper category.

6. Clothes

An excess of clothes is a constant in most homes, especially among fashion-loving habitues! Good thing there are sites like Poshmark where you can consign to sell your gently-used (or never-used) articles of clothing - including shoes and accessories. They are particular about brands, though, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can always utilize existing social media sites with selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

7. Books

Who doesn’t have books they no longer read or have never read? Homes with school-age family members will likely have used textbooks and school reading matter which they can pass on to students who need them. If you want to unload some books (that are still in good condition), try BookMonster which allows members plenty of benefits like buybacks and discounts.

8. Toys

There are numerous toy collectors who flip their items in mint condition whenever a financial situation calls for it. It’s a time-honored practice, which is why it’s hardly surprising to find some rare toys, puzzles, games, and others that are practically brand-new on selling platforms like Amazon. True collectors always have their eyes peeled for such items and are aware that some of the vintage pieces can fetch price tags for up to quadruple their original value!

9. Appliances and gadgets

Apps and sites like Decluttr give people a chance to make money from previously used appliances, gadgets, games, books, and other still-usable tech items. They promise to pay the most for tech, though they will also consider other stuff in good condition as long as they meet the site’s standards and terms of use.

10. Furniture

Furniture and decor understandably need some upgrading through the years - or downgrading if the owners are moving somewhere smaller. Whatever the reason for flipping them, sites like Apartment Therapy Marketplace have thankfully provided an online venue for those who want to make some money off their vintage designer furnishings and accessories. If you don’t have vintage and branded furniture (or don’t want to let them go), other reliable sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace could fill the bill, too.

11. Gift cards

Gift cards have become the most practical options for those who aren’t sure what to give away on special occasions. This is great for those who actually use them. For those who don’t - well, they have a tendency to get stored away somewhere and forgotten (and thus have their value forfeited and wasted over time). It’s a good thing there are sites like Raise where you can buy and sell gift cards at a discounted rate. There’s a wide variety of GCs to sell, from clothing, restaurants, to sports, and more. Your Opinion or Feedback

Your Opinion or Feedback

If you’re the opinionated type, then this one is right up your alley! Consumer opinion sites like Slice the Pie have become popular for allowing a platform where users can voice out what they think of such things as music, fashion, ads, and more. There are many rewards and survey sites, plus those needing early-adopter or tester feedback, that you won’t be starved for choice if you need some pocket money ASAP.

12. Answering surveys

ZoomBucks has partnered with reputable brands to offer users cash or a wide choice of gift cards as rewards for answering surveys on their behalf. There are trusted survey walls and routers to choose from, and earning points to cash out rewards is pretty speedy and easy (as illustrated by this guide).

13. Completing offers

GrabPoints offers its members several quick and easy ways to make money on the side. These include answering surveys, watching videos, downloading apps - and yes, completing offers. If you regularly shop online, this would be a no-brainer activity for you. Plus, you get paid whenever you take on and complete only the offers you are interested in! The easy steps are broken down in this guide.

14. Testing new products, apps, or sites

Plenty of companies value on-the-ground market research because it’s honest and fast. You can make some money by contributing your time, effort, opinions, and points of view via these companies and their sites or apps. For instance, sites like UserZoom glean insights from consumers for the improvement of digital products via user experience. There are plenty of them willing to send free products or offer free services - or pay in cold hard cash! - in exchange for honest feedback. Your Personal Services

Your Personal Services

Yes, it’s highly possible to get paid for your services and practice social distancing when the situation calls for it (or if you prefer to work from home no matter what the situation may be). These personal services can be advertised and hired via online job-seeking portals. Should you find yourself in need of a quick source of income, the tasks listed below are some of the best and easiest ones to accomplish (and get paid for!).

15. Micro tasks

Micro tasks include activities that do not require extensive prior experience, a degree, or certification of specialization (for the most part). Some examples of these are survey-taking, research, data mining, image verification, categorization, and more. Look up similar tasks on Microworkers to get an idea of how you can make some money from accomplishing doable jobs over and over again.

16. Data entry

Arguably one of the most common and easily-available tasks available at any time, data entry could either be a side hustle for when you are in need of quick cash - or a full-time job if you have the time, inclination, and patience for it. It also doesn’t require too much of a learning curve, so anyone with computer knowledge and typing skills is practically a shoo-in. If you’re interested in data entry, try Working Solutions which will match you with a job that suits your skills and experience.

17. Writing, proofreading, or editing

If you have some writing experience and background, or can proofread or edit documents and other articles, you can make money off those highly-coveted skills. Sites like TextMaster feature jobs that require content creating, editing, and proofreading for their clients. If you’re good at spelling, grammar, and syntax, why not look for a job here? Your Skills and Talents

Your Skills and Talents

The difference between this and the previous category lies in your talent and skill set, although some of the above-mentioned tasks also require skills and specialization. Selling stuff you make from your hands (and honed skills combined with talent) could mean commissions on your part, where you can dictate how much money you can make per project. Below are just some of the activities you can monetize while showing off your expertise.

18. Arts and crafts

Etsy is a shop that used to specialize in OOAK (one-of-a-kind) and handcrafted merchandise such as jewelry, dolls, paintings, home decor, sculpture, pottery, and more. Though it has opened itself up to more mainstream products, it is still a good place to start showcasing your creativity and artistry while making some income off them, too.

19. Voice-over

Got a good voice? Then sell - or rather “loan” - it to projects you think are worthwhile. Sites like Voices have become reliable platforms for voice-over talents seeking to land commercial or artistic projects requiring unique voices. You will need to create an account and upload a recording of your voice first so clients can see if yours is a good fit for what they have in mind.

20. Photography

Creative online selling platforms like Zazzle have paved the way for artists and photographers to showcase their talents via saleable merchandise like shirts, phone cases, tote bags, pillowcases, invitations, stickers, stationery, and more. If you have a portfolio of your photos available, go ahead and submit them to be considered and featured on choice merchandise.

21. Graphic design

CafePress is another design marketplace where graphic designers and other creatives can make money from selling their designs on popular merchandise. The site has a gift shop featuring original user-submitted designs on their products. The more people who buy items with your design on it, the more you earn. Your Virtual Assistant Skills

Your Virtual Assistant Skills

Being a virtual assistant means performing an umbrella of tasks as needed by the client. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be spending hours upon hours running errands and performing administrative or clerical duties, though. In fact, virtual assistants have some of the most flexible careers and schedules around, and therefore can take on this job quickly as a quick financial solution. See which ones you specialize in below, so that you can apply for particular VA tasks (and employers) on job marketplaces.

22. Events organizing

Some clients need assistance when it comes to organizing and booking events on their behalf. This could be one of the VA duties you will perform should you have any experience or background coordinating with vendors, suppliers, and venues for various projects. Some clients could also require short, easy tasks like having someone book cars, hotels, and venues, and other facilitating activities for them. Look for leads on Fancy Hands and similar sites.

23. PR writing and handling

If you don’t want to immerse yourself fully into writing but have the background for it, consider doing PR writing as part of a virtual assistant job, instead. Sites like Boldly offer this on their menu as part of their “subscription staffing”. Clients who are too busy or can’t articulate their ideas as well as seasoned writing professionals are especially in need of VA skills like this.

24. Answering emails and phone calls

Of course, there will be clerical and administrative duties to perform as a virtual assistant, which are doable enough. These include answering emails, phone calls, and other messages for the client. If you think you can do all that (and more) take a look at 24/7 Virtual Assistant for job postings.

25. Arranging schedules, appointments, etc.

VAs can be expected to make appointments and arrange schedules and events on behalf of their clients. These are typical office assistant jobs and skills, albeit done online and virtually. Contemporary Virtual Assistance has a menu of VA tasks which you can see for a better match with your experience, work history, skill set, educational background, and other pertinent factors.

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